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” Fantastic!

I am able to do things that I wasn’t before and feel completely able. Dr. Ray has helped me to avoid surgery and I’m extremely grateful for the procedures she has provided for me. I think that Kansas Pain Management are excellent and highly trained professionals. They know how to help you with pain management and are good at their job. In-clinic procedures are the bomb and I love that I don’t have to go somewhere else to get surgery!”

– Dan, 52

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What Patients Say about Dr. Ray

– Tim Smith

Of all the offices I’ve visited for medical reasons, this office staff was the best hands down. They not only greet you with a smile, positive attitude and kind words, they get to know you and care about you as much as the doctors do. Dr. Ray is a thoughtful, caring and patient doctor. She explores all options for your treatments and goes above and beyond to help you get the treatment you need. Such a great place to seek treatment.

– Greg Borr

I went to Kansas Pain Management after going many months with back pain that my regular Doctor, a Chiropractor and therapists could not address. Dr. Ray thoroughly reviewed my MRI with me, showed my on a spinal model my issues, laid out a treatment option and had Epidural injections authorized by my insurance all while I was there the first time! Between the injections and stretches they taught me I have now been pain free for over 7 months and can golf again without issue. I highly recommend Kansas Pain Management.

– Matthew D

I’ve had lower back problems all of my adult life and it was determined that my lower back problem was caused by a congenital defect in my right hip, causing my lower back not to be in proper alignment. I had my hip replaced June 2016 and all was well until November 2016. After waking up or sitting down for any length of time, I started having severe sciatica that was impossible to get rid of. My medical doctor told me that I had very bad stenosis in my lower back and that it was the worst he had ever seen and that I would need surgery.

I sought help from Dr. Ray and she suggested that instead of surgery, that we try direct steroid injections to areas that had the stenosis. After one treatment I noticed a drastic improvement and the sciatica went away immediately. I’ve just finished my third treatment within one year and I can run again and do everything anyone else can and I feel no pain whatsoever. My hip replacement helped me a lot, but the stenosis injections from Dr Ray, were the Icing On The Cake and the Saving Grace! I’m very grateful for the Great Expertise of Dr. Ray and Anesthesiology Professionals!


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Acute Pain

Chronic Pain

Opiod toleration

Nueropathic Pain

Complex Spine Issues

End-Stage Cancer Pain

Thoraco-lumbar fascia injections

Ketamine and lidocaine infusions

Neuraxial blocks

Post-Operative Pain

Migraines and Spasticity

Radio-frequency ablation

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Pain Management for Headaches

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